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Welcome To Pocha!

Pocha! Korean Street Dining is inspired by the street stalls, or ‘Pojangmacha (포장마차)’, which line the streets of districts like Euljiro or Itaewon.


Pojangmacha are colourful small tents (sometimes on wheels), or canvas street stalls, where a friendly Ahjumma beckons and serves you a comforting and uniquely Korean meal filled with all the greatest food hits Korea has to offer.

Actual Pojangmacha.jpg

Korean Comfort Food

314993059_120894703974028_5552349557821046463_n (1).jpg

Come One,
Come All!

Today, we bring you POCHA!, a faithful recreation of all the best Korean street dining offers.

A gateway to an entirely new palette of comfort dishes straight from the streets of Seoul made to create lasting memories with a fun-filled dining experience.


POCHA Duo Set Social Media-02.jpg
FREE Corndog with
any purchase of Duo Set!
POCHA K-Lunch Set Social Media.jpg
K-Lunch Set comes
with a main and drink!

* Weekdays only
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